TwinsTheNewTrend: Diversity and Its Appreciation

Finding common ground, delaying judgement and appreciation for different experiences are hallmarks of Humilitarian. And, so it seems, are they for twin brothers Tim & Fred Williams of Indiana. The result is a connection with the 600K+ subscribers to their YouTube channel (TwinsthenewTrend) that brings moments of joy to a diverse audience. While music may be the common ground for the Williams brothers and their fans, the principles that seem to guide them make it so much easier to find. If we could all practice such open mindedness when approaching others of different experiences and backgrounds in our political conversations we might just find a better way forward. As the article states, “Finding people who are open about not knowing things is rare on the internet . . . Tim and Fred Williams are now filling that space . . . where sharing knowledge is more exciting than proving what you already know.”